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Signature Cocktails For A Summer Wedding

A key element of making any wedding special is a creative drink that delights the eyes and taste buds of your guests.  This beverage should match the theme and season of your wedding in order to be successful. We’ve found the best signature cocktails to feature at your wedding this summer. It’s going to be hard to pick your favorite!

 Signature Cocktail: Blueberry Mojito
Blueberry Mojito by Inspired Taste

This beautiful, fruity Blueberry Mojito is an instant hit at any event. Take a classic mojito and boost the flavor with fresh blueberries and lime slices, with classic mint leaves for a garnish. Cool and refreshing, this signature cocktail will add a pop of color to your décor while adding a little something extra to the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Signature Cocktail: Dragon Bramble
Dragon Bramble by Beautiful Booze

Have you ever seen a drink as pink as the Dragon Bramble? The special ingredient of dragon fruit puree creates a visually pleasing and delicious cocktail. Hints of lemon and blackberry mix with gin to bring this drink together. A dragon fruit garnish adds a unique design element to this signature cocktail, and it’s sure to remain in your guests’ mind long after your wedding.

Signature Cocktail: Grapefruit Salty Dog
Grapefruit Salty Dog by the Cookie Rookie

The fun and tasty Grapefruit Salty Dog combines a few simple elements to produce an eccentric cocktail for your wedding. With a base of chilled vodka and fresh grapefruit, all this drink needs is a little ice and a sea salt rim. Don’t forget the slice of grapefruit for garnish! This bright and energizing signature cocktail will keep your guests refreshed so you can dance the night away.

Signature Cocktail: Spicy Watermelon Sangria
Spicy Watermelon Sangria by How Sweet Eats

Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like sangria. This Spicy Watermelon Sangria is a modern twist on the fruity drink, combining elements like dry rosé, brandy, and grand mariner. Club soda and watermelon juice give a cool, refreshing taste. A rim of chili powder and sugar punches through the fruity notes of this drink, giving the signature spicy taste. This beverage is a great choice for during the hot summer months, as it’s crisp but flavorful, and surely different than any typical sangria.

So which will you choose? Any one of these signature cocktails is sure to be a hit at your summer wedding. If you need help with the planning details of your wedding, we’d love to get in contact with you! Visit our website and check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. Want to see a specific topic featured on our blog? Let us know!