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Looking For Inspiration For Your Fall Wedding Flowers?

Choosing the perfect flowers for your big day can truly bring your wedding together! As Fall approaches, it’s important to select flowers that are 1) in season and 2) will incorporate the color palette of your wedding. Looking for inspiration for your fall wedding flowers? We’ve found some amazing bouquets to help spark inspiration for your floral décor; read on and let us know which bouquet is your favorite!

Stunning Fall Floral Bouquet
Deer Pearl Flowers


So which flowers are in season in the Fall? According to Teleflora, these flowers pictured below are the most popular flowers to use during the Fall. As you can see, typical Autumn colors of orange and red are present, but these flowers can be customized to work with your wedding colors. Your bouquet can be created with some of these flowers and filled with others that are available all year.

Teleflora examples of fall flowers

This beautiful bouquet uses subtle pops of color among flowers of lighter colors. It adds a delicate feel and works well for weddings with a simple, but elegant theme. The numerous flowers featured in this bouquet could easily be used to decorate an arch for your ceremony or in a flower crown to complete your bridal look!

Trenholm Photo, Kaleidoscope Floral

Looking for more color in your bouquet? This stunning arrangement will be the star of the show at a wedding (second only to the bride carrying it!). The various colors in the flowers and filler stems work together to create an eccentric and fun look. The deep burgundy, blue, and green shades in this arrangement provide a fresh take on Fall colors and will surely be a crowd favorite.

Unique Fall Wedding Bouquet
Abby Jiu Photography, Sweet Root Village

This bouquet is a great option if your wedding will be in the early Autumn, as we transition from Summer to Fall. Large flowers in orange, pink, and peach with accent flowers in similar shades make for a fantastic, oversized bouquet. These flowers would look great as a table centerpiece or a décor element on your wedding cake. The possibilities are endless!

Early Autumn Floral Bouquet
Joel Serrato, Oak & The Owl

Whether you’re looking to incorporate traditional Fall colors or want to step outside the box, these bouquets are sure to provide inspiration for your Fall wedding! If you need help with the planning details of your wedding, we’d love to get in contact with you! Visit our website and check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. Want to see a specific topic featured on our blog? Let us know!