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Flower Power: Have You Seen The Hottest Floral Trends?

Flowers help to set a theme…..

Ask any bride what their favorite part of wedding planning is and nine times out of ten they’ll give the same response: flowers, flowers, flowers! Whether you’re picking out the bouquets or designing the centerpieces, choosing the right flower arrangements is a fun but crucial part of planning a wedding. Have you seen the hottest floral trends?

Have you seen the hottest floral trends with hanging floral hoops as chandliers
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Are you envisioning Traditional Elegance or Modern Boho-Chic?

Floral hoops and wreaths are another one of the hottest floral trends taking the wedding world by storm, and we have one word for it: Yes! For years weddings have been subjected to the same format of floral arrangements, but this new trend brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘flower power’! Use these hoops as chandelier decorations on the ceiling, bridesmaids’ bouquets, or even as an alternative to a boutonniere for the men. The possibilities are endless! Using this modern design technique will bring a fresh, trendy vibe to your wedding.

Have you seen the hottest floral trends with bridesmaids holding floral hoops instead of boquets
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Not planning a wedding?

These hoops can be used in a number of ways for other events as well. They make for cute centerpieces at dinner parties or wall decorations at brunch! How would you use these floral wreaths at your events? Contact Creative Transformations for more ideas and tips on how you can incorporate some of the hottest floral trends into your wedding or dinner party.

Have you seen the hottest floral trends using hoops mounted on wall behind dessert tables
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