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Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning

August has officially begun and with it comes preparation for the holiday season. Read more to learn some tips for holiday magic: party & décor planning! What better way to bring family and friends together than by hosting a festive themed party? We’ll show you how to plan a party to match the holiday of your choice. Let’s get started!

Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning-Halloween Tablescape with White & Black Decor
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Set the stage for your Halloween party with the décor. Whether you’re planning on ‘Haunted House Chic’ or ‘Simplistic Skeletal’, utilize every opportunity to play up your decorations. The tablescape for your meal should have a gothic vibe that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your decorations. Below are three examples of Halloween themes for your décor; eerie or playful!

Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning-Halloween Tablescape with Orange & Black Decor
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Almost as important as the decorations is the food. There are so many fun ways to incorporate spooky snacks into the meal, and you can make them yourself! Check out these Halloween treats below, and click the links for the recipes, as well as other food ‘to die for’ 😉 Bon appetite!

Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning-Spiderweb Taco Dip
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Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning-Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies
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Halloween Recipes:




Including a signature cocktail for your party will delight your guests as well as contribute to your spooky aesthetic. Check out our pick for best Halloween cocktail:

Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning-Hocus Pocus Drink
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Dressing up isn’t just for kids.  Require all guests to wear a costume. Encourage partner costumes, out-of-the-box costumes, and funny/creative costumes. Feature a costume contest for your guests and provide a cute or funny gift for the best one!

Gothic décor? Check. Spooky food? Check. Costumes on and signature cocktail in hand? Check and check! You’re ready to host a night of tricks and treats for your guests. Dim the lights and bring out the skeletons; it’s time to do the Monster Mash!

Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning-Christmas Tablescape Using White & Silver Decor
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Snow is falling, cookies are baking, and the feel of holiday joy is present everywhere you go. It’s Christmastime! The holidays are the perfect time to bring your family, friends, coworkers, and long-lost relatives together. Hosting a Christmas party can bring thoughts of immense pressure and a lot of time-consuming work; but fear not! We’ll show you how to throw a simple gathering for your guests without breaking the bank. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Christmas is typically associated with red and green décor as far as the eye can see, but it shouldn’t overwhelm your setting. Instead, choose red OR green and build your décor around that color. A white winter wonderland is also a beautiful, simplistic option for your decorations, as well as your tablescape. Check out these options below and pick your favorite!

Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning-Christmas Tablescape using Red & White Decor
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Every family or group of friends has their own traditional foods to make and serve on Christmas, so save the intensive cooking for Christmas Day and treat your guests to light, festive treats and appetizers. Could we interest you in a caprese salad? Christmas tree crescent roll? How about bacon-wrapped jalapenos? Click the links below and thank us later.

Caprese: https://cafedelites.com/caprese-christmas-wreath/

Crescent: https://realhousemoms.com/spinach-dip-stuffed-crescent-roll-christmas-tree/

Jalapenos: https://www.soberjulie.com/2016/10/bacon-wrapped-jalapeno-popper-appetizer-recipe/


Holiday Magic: Party & Décor Planning-Elegant Holiday Tablescape
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Time for presents! Doing a Secret Santa gift exchange saves everyone time and money while still including the excitement of receiving gifts. Want to add a little more fun to your party? Set a monetary limit (around ten or fifteen dollars) and challenge your guests to bring a funny, raunchy, or just plain stupid gift. You’ll spend the night laughing at the creative presents your friends and family come up with!

With Christmas music in the background and eggnog for all, your party will surely be a hit this holiday season. End your night with caroling or making snow angels or snowmen outside (bonus points for creativity!) Don’t forget the cookies for Santa…

We hope these tips for planning a holiday party have been insightful and will inspire you to create your own holiday magic this year! Be sure to tag us in your holiday party pics so we can see how you’ve decorated for the season! (Creative Transformations on Facebook, @creative.transformations on Instagram, and @CtStylingTeri on Twitter). Contact us if you’d like our help planning a party, or if you have questions about our services. Want to see a specific topic featured on our blog? Let us know!